About the Brace

The “No-Tip-Toe” brace is

  • Manufactured from medical grade resin;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Inside the shoe, invisible to school friends;
  • Flexible enough to allow for full toe motion, important for normal walking;
  • Providing gentle pressure on the foot when the child is walking on his or her toes, creating a constant reminder to walk in a normal and natural manner;
  • The design allows for toe standing (essential for normal walking) while providing gentle pressure;
  • Beneficial only if there are no joint or muscle limitations. Click on More about ITW? for links for proper stretching exercises.

The braces do not stop toe walking, but they remind the wearer constantly to use a normal heel to toe pattern, until the habit of toe walking has disappeared.

Left and Right

Idiopathic Toe Walking usually happens in both feet. The No-Tip-Toe braces come as a set, one brace for the left foot and one for the right. However, even if only one foot is affected, it is recommended to apply the braces on both feet to prevent the child from putting uneven pressure on one foot whilst walking.


  • Apply the brace with one or two strips of sports tape to the forefoot (included);
  • Put on socks and shoes;
  • Wear initially 1-2 hours per day and increase each day an hour as the child is able and feels comfortable wearing the No Tip Toe brace.

Click for more instructions.


  • Check skin after wearing and reduce wearing time, or possibly stop using the brace, if any skin redness remains for over 20 minutes;
  • Do not use if the child has a diagnosis that leaves him or her with no, or reduced sensation in the feet;
  • Do not use on open or blistered skin.


Many children and adults have improved their heel to toe walking after wearing the No-Tip-Toe braces. A positive outcome greatly depends on compliance. A good result however can not be guaranteed. We have seen cases where, even after wearing the braces for a long time, the improvement was still unsatisfactory. The No-Tip-Toe braces provide an affordable and non-surgical alternative to other options for treatment. We are unable to offer a refund for the braces as these variables are out of our control. We merely strive to offer an affordable and alternative option to treat “toe walking”.