About the Developer

Klaas DeWit is a practicing Physical Therapist since 1992. His extensive experience in working with children and adults with orthopedic and neurological problems has challenged him and enabled him to develop the “No-Tip-Toe” brace. The brace is unique and is granted a provisional patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The “No-Tip-Toe” brace is developed by Klaas DeWit

Klaas is a Physical Therapist who received his training in The Netherlands. 

He has over 25 years experience working in Pediatrics, specializing in balance and neurological disorders.

His personal interest in Idiopathic Toe Walking comes from his son, diagnosed with ITW, Idiopathic Toe Walking or Habitual Toe Walking. As a PT he tried to treat the Toe Walking with therapy. While his son was able to walk with a normal heel to toe pattern, he required ongoing reminders to do so.

Taping his son’s feet to limit, but still allow full toe motion provided the best results, but this became very time consuming and eventually expensive. Klaas then set out to develop the “No-Tip-Toe” brace. 

After many modifications in design and material, he patented the current design. It allows for easy application (older children can do it themselves), requires minimal tape (a roll is included), and is invisible when worn. 

Klaas is excited to share this solution that has worked well for his son and many others in his Physical Therapy clinic and is looking forward to any comments you may have.