Idiopathic Toe Walking

Idiopathic Toe Walking (ITW) or Habitual Toe Walking is when a child continues to walk on his or her toes beyond the age of three. Toe walking is fairly common for children younger than three, and is almost always completely gone by the end of the third year.


  • Constantly balancing on their toes;
  • Walking with straight knees;
  • Will often be able to stand with their flat feet on the ground, but prefers not to do so;
  • Walking on tip toes;
  • Strong and/or very tight calf muscles.

Idiopathic toe walking is generally not a serious condition, but can overtime become a problem for muscles, joints, and balance if not identified and treated early in life. 

Options for treatment

  • Exercises and balance training, usually a good combination with any other option;
  • Botox therapy to reduce the tightness of the calf muscles;
  • Surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon;
  • Serial casting where the Achilles tendon is stretched and the cast is then weekly changed to allow for more stretching and motion;
  • Bracing of the foot with an ankle/foot brace;
  • The newly developed No Tip Toe brace, a simple and affordable toe/forefoot brace.

It is important to realize that none of these options have a guaranteed successful outcome. The No-Tip-Toe braces provide an affordable and non-surgical alternative.

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